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Jamu is a traditional Indonesian approach to beauty and health care. Originating in the ancient royal Javanese palaces, the secrets of Jamu have been passed down from generation to generation. Jamu products are made from natural plants, fruits, vegetables and spices.

The spa interior combines elegance and beauty to create a tranquil retreat for visitors to Bali. At Jamu Jamu Spa Este all our staff are professionally trained. Treatments range from 20 minute refreshing massages to two hours of pampering for the hair, face and body. Products are matched to the individual needs of each guest.

We continue in this tradition by using our own freshly prepared product and the purest essential oils. Our unique products and spa treatments are designed to make your Balinese experience complete.

Our highly recommended treatments include the Spa Este Balinese Traditional Massage, the Java Herbal Exfoliation/ Mandi Lulur and The Spa Essence. Additionally we offer a variety of spa packages that will make your visit to Spa Este the ultimate in spa indulgence.

Treat yourself to a truly unique tropical spa experience.

Relaxing massage (1 hour)

Foot massage (25 minutes)

Traditional Javanese lulur (1.5 hours)

After enjoy our Relaxing massage, your skin is scrubbed with an herb and rice powder mixture to remove dead skin, then you relax in a warm tub with herbs and flowers in the water. The luxurious body scrub, is believed to e one of the nature's best exfoliating methods. A truly traditional Javanese health and beauty treatment.

Vocanic Mud Bath (1.5 hours)
Provide volcanic ash from Mt. Agung and heat it to 40 degrees centigrade. You lay immersed in this mud for about 15 minutes, and then our attendant washes all the mud from your body. You then have a one hour massage. Detoxifying, refreshing and relaxing

Body Shampoo (1.5 hours)
After a one hour relaxing spa massage, your body is scrubbed with body foam then a thin layer of essential oil mixed in arak (palm wine) is applied. The alcohol in the arak evaporates, cooling your body, and the essential oil permeates your skin to give you the aroma therapy effects all day. Our essential oil combinations offer energizing, relaxing, revitalizing or aphrodisiac effects.

Spa combination I (2.15 hours)
1 hour full body relaxing massage, Mud Bath, followed Javanese Lulur, and flower bath.

Spa Combination II ( 2.15 hours)
1 hour full body relaxing massage, Mud Bath, followed Body Shampoo.

Spa package (4 hours)
1 hour full body relaxing massage Choice of: Body Shampoo, Javanese Lulur, Volcanic Mud Bath, Shampoo and Comb-out + Manicure and Pedicure, Vegetarian lunch.

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